How I’m striving to make my father proud – Anifowoshe

Date: 2021-06-05

26-year-old Kwara-born lawyer Barrister Titilope Tawakkaltu Anifowoshe is so many things rolled into one; she is the founder and CEO of a Non-governmental organization – Eagles Foundation for Humanity and C.O.O of Dinidari Foundation, an advocate and activist.

Anifowoshe with the nick ‘Atunluse of Igbonla' was recently inducted into the Royal African Young Leadership Forum as one of the top 100 outstanding youths in Nigeria by the Ooni of ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, in this interview with ALAO ABIODUN, she spoke about her humanitarian strides, daring moves and why she is passionate touching human lives. Excerpts:

How would you describe your growing up?

I was born on August 4, 1995 to the family of late Alh. Yahyaha Anifowoshe, the Otunba of Igbomina Ekiti Land and renowned philanthropist, and Mujidat Anifowoshe, a Police Officer from whom I imbibed my impressive work-ethic and deep passion for social issues

I graduated from the department of Law in 2016 from University of Ilorin and also bagged a B.L from Nigerian Law School. I also obtained a Mini MBA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Lagos Business School. Currently, I'm undertaking a Master degree programme in NGO and Management Studies at the University of Abuja.

I'm the founder and CEO of Eagles Foundation for Humanity and the chief operating officer (COO) of Dinidari Foundation and I am currently consulting for nonprofits and NGO at Annys Global Consult.

Tell us about Eagles Foundation for Humanity and the role you play especially for your immediate community?

Eagles Foundation for Humanity is Kwara’s biggest youth-based Non-governmental organization that has since 2015 continued to touch human lives across the country, giving hope to the hopeless, bringing light to the dark patches of the forgotten in our society, and putting smiles on their faces; in a unique manner of selfless humanitarian service.

Eagles Foundation is well established with over 200 volunteers across all the states in the North Central zone as well as in the South West and parts of North West geo-political zones.

Through donation of boreholes for communities, Braille slates for blind students, books for children in villages, reusable pads for girls e.t.c.

What is the vision behind this organisation?

That true leadership comes from empathy and love for the people. That empathy should not be determined by age or social status. That impact isn’t about how much we have but about our will and drive to get things done.

What are the challenges so far and how are you overcoming them?

Lack of funding! Applying for grants seems to be a politicized process. Even when you give your all, it seems to be given to a particular group of people.

What's the future for your organisation and what steps are you taking in achieving them?

The future is green and beautiful. Everyday, we devise means to make more sustainable and innovative impacts. As a nonprofit we are working to not just give charity but also improve the lives of our volunteers with opportunities and training.

You were recently inducted into the Royal African Young Leadership Forum as one of the top 100 outstanding youths in Nigeria, how do you feel and what do you think gave you an edge to be part of the list?

I feel elated and grateful to Allah and the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi for recognizing this little Igbonla girl.

I think my consistent charity activities and activism as a student and a Kwaran gave me an edge.

Also, I think the unpopular decision I made to opt out of my job as an aide to a politician was in protest of the indolence of the Buhari administration.

Your active political participation has been recognised and commended by many, how did it all start?

I woke up earlier than others to pray and prepare for school; study harder than others to emerge first in class; research more than others to impress my father in reciting the Quran better and even try to act like my dad in impacting more lives.

From being elected class captain in primary 3 to winning elections (to represent law faculty) in the Students Union Senate Council, to being the first law student to be elected the vice president of the University of Ilorin SU, to establishing Kwara's biggest and most consistent youth based NGO (Eagles Foundation For Humanity); to being the foremost female youth good governance advocate in Kwara State; to being APC's youngest ever information Officer; to being the youngest aide to a Minister; I have always lived my life to fulfil my daddy's dreams and to make every female to see a reflection of unlimited boundaries of the female gender. I wish my dad was alive to see me growing.

What is your position on women's participation in politics? Especially looking at Nigeria's political history which has been dominated by male folks over the years?

Nigeria has experienced uninterrupted democratic transitions for over twenty years with elections conducted in six major periods: 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 respectively. Despite this progress, the country’s political and economic ecosystem is the male dominated and driven with varied categories of inequalities.

The patriarchal nature of the Nigerian society, which enables men to dominate women, continues to negatively impact the participation of women in formal and information decision-making.

This imbalance is further perpetuated by the lack of access to well-developed education and training systems for women’s leadership, undue dominance of men in the socio-political sphere, including imbalances in political appointments, and poverty. All of these pose serious threats to Nigeria’s quest for democratic consolidation and sustainable development.

It is important for women to support one another and not just wait for affirmative action and all. Men pull themselves up, but women seldom form coalitions for their own growth. When we start acting to be for one another; more and more good will happen to us.

I have seen a prominent female politician who promotes more men than women within her political circle? How then do you expect more female politicians to emerge when the major antagonist of women's growth is women?

What are some of the changes you would like to see in Nigeria today?

More politics with value; structured political parties with well-defined operations and ideology; Genuine Leadership; More women and youth participation in politics and governance.

What are the other things that you are passionate about?

I love table-tennis! I love investing in real estate and equities.

What are some of the memorable moments in your life and career?

The day I decided not to work with my biggest political mentor in protest of the APC's bad leadership at the Federal Government level. Many people thought I was stupid leaving the position of a ministerial aide because of my support for #ENDSARS protest to an uncertain labor market. Well, I followed my guts and I'm happy I did.

What message do you have for Nigerian youths at this time?

The current Nigeria is disappointing but we certainly have hope in our strength. Let's continue to strive to make ourselves better. Naija will get better Do you get a good or bad response from your wife after making love? Discover a great natural solution that changed my story and put an end to weak/premature ejaculation, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE SUGGESTED NEWS Mgid Mgid Any Man Can Last 2.5 Hours In Bed By Doing This (Try It Tonight) Try It Tonight - Pain In Your Joints Will Vanish Once And For All 120-Year-Old Nigerian: My Husband And I Clean Our Vessels 103-Year-Old Nigerian: I Never Get Ill Because I Clean My Vessels Stable Blood Pressure Till Old Age. Take 2 Minutes To Read 93-Year-Old Nigerian: I Never Get Ill Because I Clean My Vessels You Can Restore Your Vision Within A Week If You Eat This Food! Three Signs That A Stroke Is Near And There Are Heart Problems Previous Post Buhari’s Tweet sparks row between Fed Govt, Twitter Next Post As Ogun, Lagos take a long-awaited step Discussion about this post Popular News Business City Beats Politics Entertainment Education Sports Agric Campus Life Columnists Editorial Education Lifestyle Opinion Life and Style Relationships Monday Sam Omatseye Soji Omotunde Emeka Omeihe Femi Macaulay Tuesday Olatunji Dare Olakunle Abimbola Sanya Oni Gabriel Amalu Wednesday Dele Agekameh Tony Marinho Niyi Akinnaso Festus Eriye Thursday Dapo Fafowora Banji Akintoye Jide Oluwajuyitan Jide Osuntokun Lawal Ogienagbon Friday Femi Abbas Korede Yishau Segun Gbadegesin Steve Osuji Olatunji Ololade Saturday Ade Ojeikere Dayo Sobowale Segun Ayobolu Victor Akande Yomi Odunuga UnderTow Sentry Sunday Tatalo Alamu Idowu Akinlotan Festus Eriye Tunji Adegboyega Biodun Jeyifo Ropo Sekoni Femi Orebe Lekan Otufodunrin Niyi Osundare Oyinkan Medubi Barometer Funmi Akingbade Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved. Vintage Press Limited. Optimized by iNERD360 Search... Home News Politics Business Columnists Sports Entertainment Magazine Education Online Special Editorial Forum Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved. Vintage Press Limited. Optimized by iNERD360 close ADVERTISEMENT notification icon



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