NYG: Athletes, officials groan over accreditation, late feeding

Date: 2019-09-10

As activities at the 2019 National Youth Games enter day three, athletes and officials have faulted the accreditation process, describing it as "disjointed."

They also lamented that the feeding arrangements were making them get food late.

As at 07.15pm on Monday, our correspondent gathered that athletes and officials from some states had not been cleared.

Among the states affected were Osun and Ondo, whose contingents arrived the University of Ilorin, venue of the competition, Monday morning.

An official from one of the affected states, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told our correspondent said, “Although we made our own plans, because we called those that arrived earlier and they told us what they were going through, I am not pleased with the way our athletes are treated. Some were here yesterday (Sunday) and they are yet to be accredited. Majority of us here are still struggling for accreditation. This should not be."

"My problem is that they are giving us food late. The arrangement is not good. Please beg the organisers to pity us," a young athlete added.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Sunday Dare, said the competition was organised to develop talents at grassroots level.

Dare, who arrived at the UNILORIN Monday evening, tweeted, "The search for talents at the grassroots gets a major boost as our young ones from 36 states get a chance to showcase their sporting talents."

At the Games, which ends on September 17, athletes will compete in volleyball, athletics, boxing, taekwondo, judo, karate, weightlifting, powerlifting, table tennis, rugby; tennis and kick boxing.

Others are swimming, canoeing, chess, scramble, para-powerlifting, para-table tennis and traditional game Ayo.

The maiden edition of the National Youth Games was held in Abuja in 2013 while the last three editions were held in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.




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