Ilorin residents enjoy Sallah with Maltina at LaffMattazz

Date: 2019-08-17

Ilorin residents won't be forgetting the Ileya holiday in a hurry, as Gbenga Adeyinka and other top entertainers stormed the city with the best of music and comedy to mark the holiday.

The crew, who brought the Laffmattazz train to Ilorin had Maltina on hand to deliver their premium malt taste to guests at the show, as well as keep them engaged with games and other fun activities.

The show which was tagged "Loud In Ilorin", held at the Arca Santa Arena in Ilorin and it witnessed the presence of important personalities as well as A-list actors, music artists and comedians. Kicking off at 2 pm the show had performances from the likes of Terry G, Eedris Abdukareem, Majek Fashek, Jaywon, Qdot, Lord of Ajasa, Helen Paul, Omobaba, Princess and other entertainers who the crowd were so delighted to see.Premium malt drink, Maltina fulfilled its promise on sharing happiness by delivering entertainment to the people of Ilorin through fun games, lucky dips, spinning the wheel, where lucky consumers got the chance to win exciting prizes like mobile phones, generator, TV, Standing Fan, Maltina goody bags, and other mouth-watering prizes.

Gbenga Adeyinka who has been the show’s headliner for the last six years made a grand entrance right after Small Doctor’s performance. He held the audience down for nearly twenty minutes with rib-cracking jokes and the right demonstrations to keep everyone entertained. The last performance of the day came from Reminisce who wrapped things up with some of his well-known hits.

The Laffmattazz train will continue to Ekiti in October as it celebrates six years of existence and promises to keep delivering the happy moments that its fans crave.




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