Kwara Assembly urges Governor to suspend KWASU Governing Council, 16 Councils' DPMs, Treasurers

Date: 2019-07-10

The Kwara State House of Assembly has urged the State Governor Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to suspend the Governing Council of the state owned University, Malete and constitute visitation panel to investigate non adherence to due process on the appointment of new Vice Chancellor for the institution.

This is the resolution of the House following a petition presented by member representing Afon Constituency, Hon. Abdulwahab Opakunle on a petition titled "Unpalatable Activities in KWASU" written by Usman Adamu Bayero, Issa Sanusi and Adamu Liman Abubakar.

Reading the resolutions of the House, the Speaker, Engr. Yakubu Danladi Salihu said the suspension of the institution's Governing Council by the Governor, who according to him is the visitor to the University, became imperative to ensure equity, fairness and restore sanity in the process that will lead to the appointment of new Vice Chancellor at the State owned University.

Most of the members who spoke on the petition accused the Governing Council of flagrant disobedience to the laws establishing the Ivory Tower and urged the House to urgently intervene with a view to restoring sanity in the process that would lead to the emergence of the new helmsman at the University.

Similarly, the House has also urged the State Governor, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to direct the State Local Government Service Commission to suspend all the 16 Local Government Directors of Personnel and Management (DPMs) and Treasurers to enables the House carry out thorough investigation into the allegation of Misappropriation, Wastage, Misuse, Embezzlement, Diversion of Statutory Allocation and other forms of revenue and Paralization of Governance at the councils.

The resolution of the House followed the presentation of the report of the joint committee on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and Ethnics, Privileges and Judiciary by its Chairman, Barrister Abdul Gafar Ayinla at the Floor of the House.

The Speaker while reading the resolutions of the House, equally directed the Joint Committee to proceed on oversight to all the 16 Local Government Councils to verify the claims made by the suspended Councils.

The House, according to the Speaker, equally mandated its Joint Committee to invite all stakeholders to ensure thorough investigation into the allegation.

The Joint Committee ,according to its Chairman, Barrister Abdul-Gafar Ayinla had while briefing the House called for the suspension of the 16 Directors of Personnel Management and Treasurers,pointing out that the Joint Committee had obtained documents and intended to move to the next stage of the investigation.

The Chairman then requested the House to give the Joint Committee more time to complete its report.

Most members who spoke on the reported explained that since Local Government Councils operate on tripod of chairmen,DPMs and Treasurers,it would be unfair to exonerate the affected staff of the councils from suspension, to ensure holistic investigation on the subject matter.



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