Gov Abdulrazaq visits KWHA, promises to fix eyesore offices

Date: 2019-07-04
The Kwara state governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq today visited the Kwara state House of Assembly for a firsthand assessment of the legislative complex.

The governor who was welcomed by the Speaker, Hon Saliu Danladi Yakubu took time to check through the nooks and crannies of the deplorable complex which surprisingly has offices without roofs for honorable members and the clerk of the assembly.

The Speaker who expressed outmost concern over the unconducive offices bestowed on his colleagues by the previous administration requested the governor's speedy intervention to renovate as rain has started pursuing his colleagues from their offices and debarring them from carrying out their legislative functions as expected by the good people of Kwara.

Gov AbdulRazaq while addressing journalist after inspecting the complex decries the unimaginable worst state of all infrastructure in Kwara which is not peculiar to just the house of assembly but promised not to dwell on the unpresentable inherited failures as he will try his best to get the job done with the little resources available to him.

Abdulrazaq also reminded Kwarans his promise to always act in the best interest of the state throughout his reign as governor which he won't renege.

The governor promised to complete the abandoned projects of the previous administrations within the Assembly and also include renovation of the eyesore offices allocated to the honorables in his quick fix list as he can't afford to have anything delay the House of Assembly from playing their expected roles in building a Kwara that works for all especially at a time when the state is more or less starting from the scratch with seemingly unconquerable but surmountable challenges.



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