Date: 2019-03-15
The National Association of Nigerian Students Joint Campus Committee ( NANS JCC) Kwara State Chapter has berated the Kwara State government under the leadership of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed of gross underfunding of Education in the state.

In a press statement signed by its Publicity Secretary Comrade Adeshina Ismail and Chairman, Comrade Saheed Olosasa, the association wants the state government to embark on massive overhauling of the sector and completion of several projects in the various institutions.

Part of the statement reads, "Without much emphasis on needless rhetoric, it is worthy of note that the spate of unprecedented attacks on the education sector has without any doubt gotten to ridiculous height of maddening crescendo.

"This numerous attacks ranged from Students extortion from the Government through the management, arbitrary introduction of fraudulent charges to horrifying condition of living and learning.

"The question then comes, who is responsible to fund the College and institution at large?

It should be seen that a sincere administration that claims wanting to assist the students will not aggravate their problems by asking them to fix a problem they have not created, which they are not even capable of fixing.

"It is rather unfortunate today, that professors and doctors who are products of free and qualitative education in the days of Awolowo, have grown the guts to think that education is a privilege and not a right.

"For those who still understand that in the history of all nations, there has been no easy and royal road to freedom this motivated the leadership of the JOINT CAMPUS COMMITTEE/NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN STUDENTSí (JCC/NANS) Kwara Axis Led by Comrade Saheed Olosasa to the Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode.

"As information, the education of an individual is not for his own good alone but EQUALLY for the good of the society that educates them.

"Students should not be the one from which the revenue to fund education will be generated, but the government's underfunding has always been the excuse for direct and indirect generation of funds internally at the expense of the welfare of students.

"The social contract has been breached by the government and our management on education, and the future gets darker than it actually seems.

"At this point, based on the mandate bestowed upon us, it is important that we keep students abreast of the struggle before us.

1. The conditions of living and learning on campus of Kwara State College of Nursing Oke ode is very much deteriorating.

2. The security of lives and property on campus is at stake.

3. With hall of residences, classrooms and laboratories still deficiently equipped like that of 18th century

4.The state of the Electrical and Electronics appliances (ceiling fan Ė a prime example) in some rooms 'not even all' are calling for sane attention. Lots of naked wires are waging around the hostel to see, and if care is not taken in the night, someone can mistakingly touch it, of which can lead to untimely death if not a severe injury.

5. Total blackout of the health institution since may 2017 and the numerous number of uncompleted project embarked on by the Gov. Ahmed led administration.

"The documented reports from our campus tour with genuine issues shows the reckless, callous, inconsiderate, pitiless, merciless act of the government on education and welfare of current and prospective students, of the Kwara State College of Nursing Oke ode, and its direct consequences on the development of our society

"We must also clearly state that the government's deliberate underfunding of education contributes largely to the falling walls of the school

"??On this note we charge the State Government led by His Excellency, Alhaji Abdulfatai Ahmed to DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY IN THE EDUCATIONAL SECTOR OF KWARA STATE and complete all project embarked on by his administration before transition" the statement reads.




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