Kwara LP Guber Candidate Raises the Alarm over Threat to Life

Date: 2019-01-23

The gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party ( LP) in Kwara State, Issa Aremu has raised the alarm of danger to his life by some unknown persons.

He told journalists yesterday at the sideline of the debate organised for five political parties by the Kwara Coalition of Business and Professional Associations (KWACOBPA) in Ilorin, the state capital that the threat to his life might not be unconnected with political development in the state.

Answering questions on critical issues on economy, peace and security at the interactive session, Aremu regretted that Kwara State, which was known as a state of harmony has witnessed serial day light robberies in such commercial cities like Offa and Omuaran.

He argued that there can be no development without peace, adding that the Labour Party underscored peace as a critical success factor in the push for what he called "Kwara renewal".

Aremu who hailed the security forces for maintaining peace, however, noted without sustaining jobs to keep the youth gainfully engaged, youth violence was inevitable. He promised mass jobs by re-industrialising Kwara State.

He advised contestants in the forthcoming general election to promote peaceful issues based campaigns, adding the eyes "should be on the political ball not on the legs".

He said contestants have the right "to disagree on policy issues but must not necessarily be disagreeable as brothers and sisters".

The LP candidate revealed that some unknown people in two cars with Kwara and National Assembly number plates, respectively were allegedly on his trail Monday morning in Abuja and disclosed that he had notified the new Acting Inspector General of Police (IG), Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, in a letter he made available to the media.

He therefore urged the IG to take "prompt action" to ensure his physical protection throughout the campaigns and beyond".

The Labour Party candidate suggested that the state governor, Alhaji Ahmed Fatai, should partner the state police command, Department of State Services ( DSS) and INEC to ensure free and fair elections.

He advised that the state governor as a state chief security officer should ensure secured campaigns through preventive measures as opposed to what he called "panicky ban measures after avoidable clashes and violence".

Aremu also urged all political parties to emulate the peaceful and organised approach of the LP so as not undermine the electoral process as well give excuse for what he called "anti-democratic forces" to undermine the forthcoming elections.




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