IGP warns against detaining suspects beyond 48hrs

Date: 2018-10-15

The Inspector General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris has again warned his officers and men to guide against detaining or keeping any suspect in police custody beyond the specification of the law which is forty eight hours.

According to him , any police personnel involved in such illegal detention has breached the right of such suspect.

The Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Mr Bolaji Fafowora made the position of the Inspector General known in Ilorin, the state capital while answering questions on a Radio Kwara personality interview programme "Playing Host".

Mr Fafowora said any police involved in such unlawful detention and the police authority is sued, the salary and the gratuity of such officer would be used to pay the garnishee order. Though, the police commissioner disclosed that the police authority would first pay such fine to avoid embarassement, and later such money would be deducted from the gratuity of the indicted officer.

According to him, the police hierarchy does not want to be involved in any issue involving human right laws pr anyform of abuses.

Mr Fafowora also disclosed that the Inspector General of police has further directed that all hospitals that recieve cases of patients with gun shot, including armed robbery suspects, they should first be treated but advised the hospital authorities to report such matter to the nearest police station for further investigation to acertain the gun shot injury.

The police boss said a bill to that effect is before the National Assembly and immediately it is passed into law, the matter would be a thing of the past. He therefore appealed to all officers and men of the command to follow strictly all laws and order guiding them in the discharge of their legitimate duties so as not to fall foul of the law.



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