Date: 2018-10-10

After the troubling silence of the previous couple of days, the APC Electoral team and the party leadership have finally announced Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq winner of the governorship primaries in Kwara state. We accept Abdulrahman's emergence as the APC candidate for the 2019 elections and do wish him well.

The most important issue is the liberation of our state from the kleptocratic hegemony in place since 2003. That hegemony has ruined our state and uprooting it is the essence of the 2019 elections.

We enjoin all patriotic Kwarans to rally to defeat those who have stolen our state blind and ruined it over the past 15 years. Our RECLAIM, RECONSTRUCT & RESTORE KWARA platform was designed for that purpose.

In a few months, we met, discussed, listened to and presented our vision to people all over our state. We also built a volunteering process that brought into the loop of campaigning, some of the most idealistic young men and women from all over our state. I felt the energy and the sense commitment of our campaign workers as well the hope that our people have for liberation.

The weeks of traversing the entire length and breadth of our state, deepened my commitment to our AGENDA FOR LIBERATION AND DEVELOPMENT.

I want thank all our campaign workers and supportes all over the state, for their tremendous sense of commitment and belief. We have performed valiantly against all odds and our sacrifices won't be in vain.

As committed members of the APC our project to Reclaim Kwara will remain a work in progress that we will continue to be dedicated to till our state is liberated. We have fought a valiant campaign and have gained a lot from the commitment of the people of Kwara State.

Our team will work with Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to ensure victory for the APC in the 2019 election. Let us RECLAIM, RECONSTRUCT & RESTORE KWARA!




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