World Teachers' Day: Kwara residents advocate better welfare for teachers

Date: 2017-10-06

Residents of Ilorin on Thursday called for better welfare for teachers as the World Teachers Day is celebrated in the country.

Some of the residents, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), said teachers formed the bedrock of any society and should be well catered for.

Mr Lucky Adesanya, a resident, said teachers were being taken for granted in the country.

"Teachers are the set of people we should be supported and encouraged, but our belief that their reward is in heaven has made us to leave them impoverished.

"Their welfare should be paramount to both government and individuals, if we really want to appreciate the role they play in the society," Adesanya said.

Mrs Adijat Adeosun said that their salary structure should be the best, however, lamented that it was the other way round.

"The salary of teachers should be the best going by their importance in our society; but it is a pity that they are among the worst paid.

"They are not well regarded especially in this state, so there is nothing to celebrate about teachers," Adeosun said.

Another resident, Mr Blessing Yusuf argued that teachers should be given better treatment than they were currently getting.

"The regulatory bodies should ensure that only qualified teachers are employed. "Although teachers should be well taken care of, but I am sorry to say this, some teachers are not worthy to be called one. "Some of them lack the qualification to even pass knowledge to other people, so how can they impart knowledge?

"So, it is important for the regulatory body to ensure that they are sound enough to teach, so that they don't do our children more harm than good because you can't give what you don't have," Yusuf said. NAN




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