Muslim NGOs Urged to Take Documentation Serious

Date: 2017-09-19

Muslim Charities have been sensitized on the importance of proper financial documentation and accountability in their day-to-day activities.

This was emphasized by a lecturer and acting head of the department of accounting, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Mr. Ahmad Uthman. He was speaking at the 2nd Annual retreat of Oasis Muslim Care Foundation, Ilorin at the G.R.A office of the foundation on 17th September, 2017. He explained that Muslim charity bodies are accountable to several entities such as the stakeholders, donors, beneficiaries and even the Government.

According to Uthman, proper documentation of the inflow and outflow of donations must be done and such funds must be used for the intended purposes. The Don explained that when this is done, several benefits are bound to be enjoyed by the organization. He listed some of the benefits as increased public trust & confidence, avoidance of financial scandals and instilling confidence in the government about the nature of the organization's activities.

Also, speaking at the event was the Branch Manager, Jaiz Bank, Ilorin; Mr. Taofik Mustapha who spoke on effective strategies for founds generation for Muslim charity Organizations.

The third speaker of the retreat, Dr. Oba Abdulkadir La'aro, of the Mass Communication Department, University of Ilorin, delivered a talk on "Generating Publicity and Increasing Awareness for a Muslim NGO".

The event was attended by the board and trustees of Oasis Muslim Care Foundation, Ilorin, and representatives of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Ilorin Central Branch and Oasis Muslim Widow & Orphans Welfare Foundation.



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