Group slams Kwara gov over rural road project

Date: 2017-09-13

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter of Kaiama Development Association has described the claim by the Kwara state government that it had spent over N250 million on the rehabilitation of Ilorin Kishi Kaiama road as "false and far from the truth."

In a statement issued by the Association's spokesperson, Mohammed Miji, it said the state of the road which the government claimed it spent such huge amounts on "is nothing to talk about."

The statement read in part: "How can Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed who barely plies the road make public such ridiculous and misinforming statement. Recently, the federal government raised alarm on the state of the road due to petitions received from some concerned inhabitants of the area over diversion of funds appropriated for the rehabilitation of the road into unknown account.

"This made the state government to claim that but with this claim, there is no feasible sign of any rehabilitation that can be estimated at the outrageous figures that government is claiming."

It called on President Muhammadu Buhari to “intervene by coming to the rescue of the Kaiama people who are faced with bad roads linking the local government."

The Association added that the "economic activities in the area, thereby reducing the revenue generation the Kaiama local government is predominantly agriculture- dependent area with mainly yam, guinea corn and cotton which people from Lagos, Ibadan, Kebbi and Sokoto come to patronise and take to their destinations, but with the current nature of bad road networks customers have shifted attention to other areas with accessible roads."


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