Plat Technologies Limited & Iqra Books Ltd Donate Books to Model Secondary School

Date: 2013-12-04

The Chairman Governing Council of the Kwara State College of Education, KWCOED, Alh.Musa  Ayinla Yeketi, has commissioned the newly refurbished library for the Kwara State College of Education Model Secondary School, The ceremony which was held on Thursday at Hall 10 of Kwara State College of Education, KWCOED was donated by two Ilorin based firms,-Plat Technologies Limited and Iqra Books as part of their social responsibilities projects aimed at improving both educational facilities and reading culture among younger ones.

The commissioning ceremony included a session where the Vice-Chancellor of the Kwara State University, Malete, Professor, Abdulrasheed, Na-Allah engaged the gathering, which was, filled with pupils from the Model secondary school and other schools, in a pep talk with the theme “read to lead”.

The Vice Chancellor admonished the pupils and others present at the occasion to cultivate habits of reading any book but must strive to understand and digest the content properly. He emphasized the need to build skills in how to identify good books with good content.

Prof Na-Allah, told the gathering that even in the age of ICT, books are still central and fundamental to self and community development. He concluded by impressing it on the pupils that they should make books their companion and confidant pointing out that the playlet staged earlier by the pupils of the Model Secondary School adequately emphasized the value of book as confidant and companion.

The Provost of the Kwara State College of Education, Dr I.S.Opobiyi, thanked the donors, Messrs    Plat Technologies Limited and Iqra Books for the gesture. He also promised to ensure that the refurbished Library is put to good use and maintenance of the facilities given attention.

Earlier, the chairman of the occasion, Mr. Bola Aganga a retired chief lecturer from Kwara State College of Education, KWCOED, had traced the history of the school as a model, expressing delight  that, the model college is living up to expectation. He expressed gratitude to the donors and urged the school authorities to maintain and improve the facilities.

Also speaking, the Chairman Governing Council of the Kwara State College of Education, KWCOED, Alh.Musa  Ayinla Yeketi, said he was pleasantly surprised when he heard that Messr -Plat  Technologies Limited and Iqra Books had decided to renovate the library facilities and will also make donation of books to Model School. He said he was sceptical because such gesture is rare until now that the firms have delivered on their promise. He said he could not thank them enough and called on others to emulate the good gesture.

Later, Alhaji Yeketi, led others to formally commission the refurbished library. The refurbishment of the library include repair of windows, the dilapidated ceiling and  provision of furniture. The reading tables in the library were replaced with Carrels that are appropriate for library reading activities. A total of 300 books spanning 102 titles in all subject areas required for the O level curriculum such as literature, social studies, sciences, geography, languages among others were donated The titles also included motivational books, novels and books on entrepreneurship in line with current realities of preparing  younger ones for global challenges.

Speaking on their motivation for the project, Mr Taofik Abdulkareem, the CEO of  Plat-Technologies Limited said, in the course of carrying out corporate services to the KWCOED, he noticed the obvious state of disrepair of the library, hence his resolve, in conjunction with the sister firm, Iqra books, to refurbish the library. He however, recalled that Iqra books, and Plat Technologies, had intervened in different secondary schools in Ilorin metropolis who are having one or two challenges. Such intervention includes employing an English teacher for leading secondary schools, in Ilorin. They have also organized reading session for the pupils of Queen Elizabeth secondary school, Ilorin. There is also a monthly reading session supported by the two firms. The CEO, of

Iqra books while thanking those who graced the occasion called on the state government   to pay adequate attention to school within the state.

The occasion attracted dignitaries from the Academia, and related businesses within in Ilorin metropolis. Present at the occasion two Council members of KWCOED, the deputy provost Admin and Academic; the principal and staff of the model college; Also, at the occasion; are Dr. Aliu Badmus, the proprietor of Iqra College; Alhaji Alhassan Bolaji, the Secretary IEDPU,and Director, Computer Centre, KWCOED,  Mr Oba Abdulkadir  Laaro and Mr Abdulgafar Arikewuyo  of the dept of mass communication; University of Ilorin.   The CEO of FEMTECH IT,  Mr Emmanuel Abidoye, Engr Oluwole Farounbi, Mrs Adams of the Centre for Continuing Education Studies Kwara Polytechnic, Ilorin as well as Mr Samuel Osunbuyide of Radio Kwara  were part of the  dignitaries at the occasion.



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