Ekiti Kwara Seeks Reintegration with Kindred in Ekiti State

Date: 2012-11-13

The people of Ekiti and Oke-Ero local government areas of Kwara State have sought for reintegration with their kindred in the present Ekiti state insisting that their presence in Kwara was amalgam of strange bedfellows.

The people of the area in a paper titled "Request for boundary adjustment", presented at the public session organised by House of Representatives held at Omu-Aran headquarters of Irepodun LGA on constitution review and signed by ten traditional rulers want the Federal Government to separate them from Kwara state.

The documents which was made available to Journalists in Ilorin yesterday stated that there had been different discrimination against the people of the area because it was unclear whether they are Northerners or Southerners.

"Kwara state is therefore an amalgam of strange bedfellows and the irreconcilable. Every ethnic nationality that conjunctively make up Kwara state is suspicious of the other's might and influence, education developments, economic prowess and ability, political sagacity.

"The foregoing snowballs into intrigues, suppression and outmuscling of one at the expense of another. Ekiti stock of Kwara state seems to be worst off in this dirty game in which its template is firmly built on injustice and denials".

The people of the area which traced their ordeal to 19th century when it was ceded to the North lamented that no remarkable progress were recorded in all spheres of human endevour. It noted the area lacked tertiary institution; their traditional rulers were downgraded; no General Hospital while its indigenes have been denied many political appointment in the past.

"In the light of all the above, we ask for the restructuring of the present Kwara State by carving the present Ekiti and Oke-Ero LGA from Kwara State and merge same with the present Ekiti State to be given an atmosphere of equal belonging so that we can have a good history to bequeath to our children and indeed generations to come".




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