Row over upgrade of Kwara monarch

Date: 2019-07-16
The upgrade of Olugana of Ganmo, Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State by former Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed has ruffled some nests in the community.

The new Oluganna is Alhaji Abdullahi Kolawole Atanda.

The upgrade of the monarch's stool to third class status coincided with the presentation of staff of office Alhaji Atanda.

The development has not gone down well with another family (Oluganmo ruling house) that claims right to the stool.

Two ruling houses of Oluganna and Oluganmo have over the years, been laying claim to the stool of the community of the community

This has led to bloody clashes between the two ruling houses for ages, until the recent Supreme Court judgement which favoured the Oluganna ruling house.

The rightful holder of the title of paramount traditional ruler between the Oluganna and the Oluganmo families in the community had been a subject of controversy and litigation for more than 30 years before it was recently resolved by the Supreme Court in favour of Oluganna.

Children of Oluganna ruling house are of Igbomina stock, while Oluganmo are of Afonja ancestr

Presenting the letter of appointment and staff of office to the monarch, in Ilorin, the state capital, Governor Ahmed represented by Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Alhaji Habeeb Saidu stated that would put an end to the long dispute in the community.

He sued for peace and harmony among residents of the community, noting that there could not be any development in a community full of violence and acrimony.

He urged the new monarch to embrace all the parties and mobilise them to support government programmes and policies.

In his acceptance speech, Oba Atanda hailed his recognition as the rightful holder of the title of Oluganna and the upgrade to the third class status.

The monarch pledged to maintain peace, unity and harmony in order to attract growth and development into the community.

But the Oluganmo ruling house has kicked against the state government's action, warning of dire consequences.

Spokesperson of Oluganmo ruling house, Alhaji Moshood Badaru said: "We want Governor Ahmed not to lay down a booby-trap for the incoming administration. We appeal to the incoming governor not to fall into this booby-trap. We also urge him to let the outgone governor know

that he will be held responsible for any undesirable consequences of his action. "We also call on the incoming governor to reverse this injustice.

There cannot be two third class Obas in Ganmo. There is only one. The consequences will be very grave. They all know that Ganmo is a flashpoint. The person that was installed cannot walk the streets of Ganmo.

"All the rulers of Ganmo have always come from Okun-Oye family before this injustice.

We believe strongly that the outgoing governor has been misled by those who went to him surreptitiously to install this man. The governor was seriously misadvised.

"The Supreme Court judgment was not specific. Though I am not a lawyer, but there is nowhere in that judgment where the Supreme Court made a clear-cut declaration that the chieftaincy title of Ganmo belongs to Alhaji Abdullahi Atanda.

“Supreme Court did not go into the nitty-gritty of the matter. The court did not treat the matter on its merit. It was all technicalities. We know as a fact, that 98 percent of the people of Ganmo will not accept him. So far we have been able to calm down our people but I don't think we can do that for too long."




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