Rainstorm blows off parts of Kwara Assembly building

Date: 2019-04-17

No fewer than five offices belonging to Kwara State lawmakers, a part of the administrative block, including the Office of the Clerk and a hall under construction, have been damaged by rainstorm at the Kwara House of Assembly in Ilorin.

Some of the affected offices and a hall under construction in the Assembly premises had their roofs completely blown off by the storm.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the damage by the rainstorm did not, however, disrupt Tuesday's plenary of the House as the hallowed chambers was not affected.

The Speaker, Dr. Ali Ahmad, told newsmen after inspecting the damaged offices in company of some members, described the havoc caused by the rainstorm as "unfortunate."

Ahmad said the Assembly would write to the Executive arm to carry out the repair work on the damaged offices from the capital expenditure in the 2019 budget of the state government.

He noted that the monthly subventions to the House cannot cater for the repair work and urged the state government to expedite action on the rehabilitation of the affected offices.

The Speaker called on the state government to provide immediate succour to hundreds of residents in some parts of the llorin metropolis whose houses and valuables were damaged by rainstorm on Monday evening.

Some other areas damaged by rainstorm in llorin, the state capital, included Amilengbe, Sango, Ode Alfa-Nda, Agbarere and Ojuekun, among others.

Several of the effected residents who are still counting their losses are now taking refuge with neighbours not effected in several parts of the llorin metropolis.




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