Army, Navy, Airforce collaborate with Aviation college to train students

Date: 2018-12-03
The Rector and Chief Executive officer of the International Aviation College, Ilorin , Engineer Oluwole Benedict Adeyileka has confirmed that the Nigerian Army , the Navy and the Airforce are into collaboration with the college.

Similarly, Engineer Benedict said the authority of the college are also in talking terms with the Yobe and Kano state governments as well as other institutions to train students from their various states in the college. The Rector disclosed these in Ilorin , the Kwara state capital while answering questions on a Radio Kwara personality interview programme, "Playing Host".

According to him, the aviation college currently has a joint venture with the three military formations in the country particularly as they have provided the institution with state of the art stimulator and students , a development that has triggered other security agencies to emulate.

Engineer Benedict urged the jwara state government to direct the sixteen local government councils in the state to sponsor at least one student for a programme in the college so as to encourage other states to do same adding that what the institution also needs from the government is initial take off grants which would be used for the purchase of more aircrafts and building of hotel accommodation as well as other capital projects.

The rector who is an Aviation licenced engineer and an instructor announced plans by the college to expand its scope apart from its present ongoing engineering school to establish a pilot and a cabin crew school as well as short term courses where students would be trained to serve as good turn over for the institution.

He added that very soon, the college would be graduating students with the award of decrees as licenced aircraft maintainance engineers while medical students too would have the opportunity to fly aircraft to even the rural areas with smaller aircrafts to treat patients.

Engineer Benedict disclosed that the International Aviation College, Ilorin had never at any point had issues with the maintenance of their aircrafts but rather had issues with their compliance in the training of their students but said the college had recovered from the issue and is now in full compliance with most of the Nigerian Airspace and aviation directives, rules and regulations.

Answering another question, the rector disclosed that air crash do not come overnight but comes in pattern either due to the carelessness from the airline operators or if the pilot had been overworked resulting ti fatigue stressing that pilots are not allowed by the regulations of the aviation authorities to take alcohol eight hours before they could operate a flight and blamed most airline accidents to human errors.

Engineer Benedict who was the acting director general of the Nigeria civil aviation Authority before his appointment as rector of the college described the Nigerian airspace as safe for flight operations. He urged students of the college to be serious with their studies warning that the institution has zero tolerance for students missing their flights during training or reporting late for assignments.



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