PDP raises alarm over illegal collection of PVCs in Kwara

Date: 2018-09-11

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State has raised alarm over alleged house-to-house collection of Permanent Voter's Cards (PVCs) by some staff members of a privately-owned radio station in the state.

The radio station, it was learnt, is owned by a governorship aspirant of one of the opposition parties in Kwara.

In a statement on Monday by the partyís Publicity Secretary in the state, Mr Tunde Ashaolu, the PDP alleged that staff of the said radio station have been moving round houses in Ilorin, luring people to release their PVCs in exchange for loans.

The party said this move was aimed at using the collected PVCs to manipulate the outcome of the 2019 general elections in the state.

"As a party, we call on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the general public, security agencies, and relevant stakeholders to be aware and stand up against this dubious act orchestrated by opposition elements as it is capable of truncating our democracy."

The PDP also urged all Kwarans and residents of the state to resist every attempt by political opportunists and their agents to lure them into releasing their PVCs for pecuniary gains.

It also charged them to see their PVC as a tool to elect repsentatives of their choice, and should therefore not release it to anybody or group.

The party also warned politicians to stop alleged criminal and unauthorised collection of PVCs from the people, stressing that voters have the inalienable right to vote for candidates of their choice.




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