Four injured in Kwara communal clash

Date: 2017-11-14

About four persons yesterday sustained injuries in a clash between Osi and Etan communities in Ekiti Local Government Area of Kwara State.

The injured are receiving treatment in the hospital.

Sources said the clash, which started on Saturday night, can be traced to an age-long dispute between the communities.

The rivalry was heightened by the citing of the Kwara South campus of the state-owned university in Osi.

Last night, the Osi major market was shut, following rumours that the communities were out for a fresh confrontation.

Osi is a border town to Odo-Owa, which recently clashed with another neighbour, Illofa, over rights to first sell the new yam at the common market, a development which led to the suspension of their monarchs.

"The whole thing started on Saturday, but we all know it is because of the state-owned university in Osi. Since then, there has been no love lost between the communities.

"On Saturday, an Osi lady hired a local artiste to perform at a function at Etan. Unfortunately, the people of Etan refused the artiste a chance, saying they had vowed not to allow anyone from Osi to perform in their village.

"That was how the confrontation started, and as I speak now, about four persons from Osi have been hospitalised because they sustained injuries.

"Everybody is jittery; the market has been closed abruptly. As a matter of fact, two people I spoke with just before you called said they were running from the market. The situation is unpredictable and so we need the government to step into the matter immediately," a source added.

Police spokesman Ajayi Okasanmi did not confirm the incident. He said he was yet to be briefed on the development.


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