Need for peaceful local government poll in Kwara

Date: 2017-10-11

Elections, as been spelled out by the Nigerian constitution, is a process whereby an individual, ranging from the age of eighteen and above is allowed to fully participate by exercising his/her franchise, as that also explain why many public analysts and brilliant columnists described such process as one of the ingredients that spelled out what democracy is really all about. Even with that, as an individual, I like talking about leadership, while society building is my lifeís passion, for which I use to be deeply inspired by the progress in other societies. So I canít stop talking about it as the only way forward to lift our society, the local government in particular, from backwardness to prosperity.

It is within the above context that one will like to situate the fact that Kwarans will again, troop out across the sixteen local government areas of the state by going to their various polling units come November 18th, to legitimately cast their votes to usher in the candidates of their choice for both chairmanship and councillorship seats in their respective local governments.

In retrospect, it will be an understatement to mention here that Kwara! Is known for peace most especially during elections, be it Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate, House of Representative and that of Local Government, hence the need for all hands to be available on deck this time again to collectively work towards the sustainability of such tempo, since Kwara, also known as the State of Harmony, is one of the few states that always experience peace and orderliness during elections for which there is no gainsaying Kwara State often stand out for excellence during any of such process, evidently from the ways and manners at which the electorates usually demonstrate the fact that the state is no doubt a state of harmony.

In respective of the above facts, it is yet another time for Kwarans to demonstrate that same and existing spirit of peace, orderliness and understanding, as eligible voters are expected to obediently cast their votes during the forthcoming local government poll just as theyíve been doing in the past, as the moment at hand is offering us all another ample opportunity to honestly vote in those who will be leading us at the grassroots level irrespective of their religion, ethics or political affiliations but on the basis of God fearing and a strong sense of maturity of mind with which they are expected to protecting our common wealth.

Worthy of note also is the fact that, the incoming local government executives should be those who will have minds of their own as that in itself is a cleaver way of extending the gestures of Alhaji Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed's good governance programmes aimed at reaching the downtrodden, which one also believed had immensely contributed to how the state is fast becoming a role model among other states of the federation.

Given the foregoing, politicians are on the other hand advised not to see the said election as a do-or-die affairs, rather, it will be wise on their path to imbibe the spirit of statesmanship, knowing fully well that it is only God that puts man in any position of authority on earth. More so, our youth, who are no doubt the future leaders of this country, should not allowed themselves to be used as an instrument to disrupt the peace of the forthcoming coming poll. Instead, they should see themselves as the instruments of the positive change the society have been yearning for.

With this in mind, it will be as well, sagacious on the path of our stakeholders, the clerics and our traditional rulers in particular, who could intervene on the part of honesty and fair play to ensure the spread of peaceful and love messages in their domains which one believe will unite us the more, rather than involving in partisan politics which no doubt will continue to normalize situations that could limit our progress as an entity. For which one is cocksure that posterity will place whatever roles they play today in itís real perspective even when they are no more.

To this end, it is also incumbent on whoever emerge as the winner not to see he/herself as the boss but as a servant whose top priority should be based on how to allow inclusiveness as well as justify the trust repose in him. They are expected to focus on how their electioneering promises would be fulfilled by following the meaningful steps of Alhaji (Dr.) AbdulFatah Ahmed, who is not resting on his achievements to turn Kwara to be the pride of the nation.

In order not to rub Peter to pay Paul, let those who will be choice of destiny loose in the poll never see it as the end of the world. Besides, since Kwara has been at the fore front of Economic Excellence in Nigeria, it is crystal clear that this coming election will be another acid test of maturity for all Kwarans, and to successfully pass this test, all and sundry are expected to come out en-mass and without any fear to perform their legitimate right without any violent acts. This, one is sure will go a long way to help our nascent democracy.

God bless Nigeria!

God bless Kwara!

Ishola, is the Press Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forestry.




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