Kawu and digitisation programme. By Ibrahim Biu

Date: 2017-06-07

CONSIDERING the antecedent and predegree of Ishaq Modibbo Kawu, it is not surprising that he has been appointed the Director General of the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) by President Muhammadu Buhari. He assumed duties at the commission's head office on May, 25th 2016.

A veteran journalist, Kawu has edited the vibrant and popular Daily Trust newspaper after his appointment as the first General Manager of Radio Kwara in Ilorin, Kwara State. A prolific writer for nearly four decades now, Kawu is no doubt one of Nigeria's most syndicated newspaper columnists who writes incisive and powerful articles usually published every Thursday, in the Blueprint and Vanguard Newspapers, as part of his meritorious services to the nation in the past 35 years or so.

Kawu's appointment is therefore, a fitting return to public service for a man who in the last three decades or so has meritoriously served the country in many capacities in both the public and private sector. The DG who began his journalism career in the 1980's has paid his dues. It is no longer a hidden fact that of recent the commission has undergone a massive transformation for the better.

Apart from the very good reception now being accorded to visitors at the commissionís office, stakeholders in the broadcasting field have openly revealed that they are satisfied with the services being offered to them by the commission.

Apart from repositioning his management team, one sensitive issue that Kawu has handled beautifully as far as his workers are concerned is the digitalization matter which his office is in the fore front in its implementation to enable the country to meet the June 17, 2017 deadline given. Kawu has so far handled this programme properly and there are good signs that it will succeed as planned by the Buhari administration. Already, Kawu has publically declared that as far as he is concerned, the programme has gone beyond testing in Abuja, Lagos and Jos.

The advantages of the new system is that it enhances easy communication, providing of clear Radio signals and reception apart from the fact that damaged equipment could easily be replaced instead of placing new orders which could take a long time before they are provided by manufacturers after receiving a lot of money from traumatized customers.

Kawu told the House of Representative committee on public hearing recently that the programme has already taken off in the country. Nigeria is expected to complete the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting on June 17.

Kawu, a professional journalist to the core is convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the deadline will be met. He has devoted the whole of his life to his career and is known as a straight forward person who believes in saying the truth as it is at all times and in whatever situation he finds himself no matter what may happen. It is because of the transparent manner Kawu conducts his affairs that both his colleagues and a large number of people share his sentiments and opinions whenever he expresses them as a columnist.

The deadline for the digital switchover in Nigeria has so far generated a lot of anxiety amongst the people. While some people feel it might not be realized, many other professional bodies believed it can be achieved.

Last week Wednesday, and Thursday, the House of Representatives committee on the digital switch-over programme organised a public hearing at the Assembly's complex where stakeholders brain-stormed on the implementation of the programme.

It was during this lively which many contributors agree to disagree on the deadline for the schemes implementation, that Kawu said, he was convinced that the deadline will be met.

Kawu was emphatic that government has done whatever is needed or required to implement the project. According to him, the infrastructures needed to meet the June 17 deadline for Nigeria had been put in place.

Kawu has indeed been described by his colleagues as a simple and easy to approach individual who does not harbour any grudge against anybody no matter what may have happened between them.

He is one of the leaders in the journalism world in the northern part of the country. Kawu had without hesitation told the House of Representatives committee members that he is very confident that Nigeria will meet the June 17 deadline on the switch-over.

The digital systems, he explained, is very important to the country. Which his writer believes is the reason a lot of funds have been expanded on the project.


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