Nigeria: Kwara Utd Supporters Raise Alarm

Date: 2011-06-12

Lagos — Some members of the Kwara United Supporters Club have raised alarm of an alleged plan by the team's opponent this weekend to cause trouble in a bid to grab the three points at the Ilorin Stadium.

Speaking on behalf of the supporters who called themselves "Loyal Supporters of Kwara United", Mohammed Abbas, said they have uncovered ploy by their opponent this weekend to induce some paid fans to cause mayhem and thereby benefit the maximum points at the detriment of their darling team.

Abbas added that the planned mayhem was to embarrass the state governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed as well as the club management over the delay in paying the players' sign-on fees and allowances.

"From the feelers we are getting, our opponents are working with some disgruntled members of the team, including the players not only to abort the match and gain free points but to embarrass our new governor. They plan to pay off some known aggressive supporters to stay away from the match so that they will have free day in hatching their plan", Abbas alluded.

Meanwhile, the secretary of Kwara United Football Club, Demola Kiyesola, said he is unaware of the plot but promises the management would get to the root of the allegation.

"I am hearing this for the first time and we will not rest until we get to the root. We are going to unmask those behind the plot and expose them accordingly", he said.

Similarly, the media officer, Ajide Olafioye, said Kwara United couldn't afford at this stage to lose any game at home in order to avoid the wrath of our fans.

"It's true we are owing the players but we will resist any attempt to use that to blackmail our new governor. Virtually all the teams owe and I wonder why our opponent is capitalising on this to cause trouble. We also want to win the league and we will not take kindly to anybody who will want to easily hoodwink our players, using lack of payment to make them lose", he said.





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