OPINION - Akeem Lawal: Please Listen to the Voice of Reason, Step Down Now. By Bello Bature

Date: 2014-11-24
This is about the second time I will be writing on the governorship ambition of Mr. Akeem Lawal. First, it was in early August when the rumour started filtering in that the young, almost starkly inexperienced Akeem was going to throw his hat into the gubernatorial ring.

When I first blew the whistle then, hell was let loose, with majority of his bootlickers, and those that are profiting from the Lawal's family's (mis)fortune almost devouring me alive. But that's all for posterity to judge

However, now that the ambition has become confirmed, with Akeem himself declaring openly for the plumb job, I am yet to get any apology from those whose voice was the loudest then in their condemnation of my position. Like the cowards that they are, they have all withdrawn into their cocoons.

Now, back to the main issue, why is Akeem Lawal contesting for governorship? What experience and credentials is he bringing to the table other than that he is the son of a former governor? What private, albeit public sector experience has he to seek my vote as a governor? What has been his impact on his immediate environment, let alone the generality of Kwara? And by the way, what is his true age that qualifies him for the position?

These are some of the very few questions I expect people around Akeem Lawal to be asking him, instead of leading him to perdition and nothingness that is the second name of his gubernatorial (over)ambition.

Dear Abdulhakeem, this is an advice from a brother that cares. Although, we might not have met personally, but I have always known you, your father and your family. I should like to see you prosper and not fail.

But if you insist on your gubernatorial ambition, walahi, you are not only on your way to failure, but on the way to total oblivion. Your governorship ambition will take you nowhere. It will only reduce you, just as it has continued to reduce you now. HOL, please help yourself, take a walk, a sincere one for that matter; go to Gambari, Oja-Oba, Emir's road, Omoda, Pataka, Garin Alimi, etc and ask people for their sincere opinions about your ambitions. Ask people that are ready to look you straight in the eyes and tell truth to your face, even if heavens fall. You will see how disgusted the public feels about your ambition!

They like you, no doubt. But they hate your gut, the arrogance of wanting to be governor when the feeding bottle was just recently taken from your mouth. And their preference, they wish you had indicated interest in the Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency position. I also wish you had done that. Oh, how I wish! That would have been a small step ahead of a bigger one that the future holds in stock for you. A federal representative position is not TOO small for you, my brother. Rather, it is even too big, but you can be forgiven for it. That's all you need to assure the public of your capacity, maturity and competence to wear the big shoes your dad left behind. With a four year tenure at the green chambers, you could build a political career yet unmatched in Kwara history, and you would have, with that, brought joy yet again to the faces of your family and all of us its well wishers.

Please, think deeply about this. Whoever is goading you into this gubernatorial frenzy doesn't like you. After the primaries, they will all be gone and you will left right inside the rain, ALONE! Not even the promise of federal appointment will work the magic. The only thing that you will be left with is just what you laboured for, and not what you believe is waiting in the wing for you when you lose at the primaries.

Please listen to the voices of your people.



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