Don't steal funds, group cautions outgoing Kwara govt.

Date: 2019-03-15

A group known as Kwara Coalition for Good Governance and Accountability (Kwara-CGGA) has cautioned officials of the outgoing People’s Democratic Party (PDP) government to refrain from last-minute stealing of public funds or government properties.

In a statement, Secretary general of the group, Hassan Omoiya said there are consistent reports of mindless looting of public funds and properties since after the outcome of the governorship election last Saturday.

The statement also called on the Kwara State Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed not do anything that would create confusion for the new administration.

The group said the rumored plan of the government to create new local government development areas (LCDA) or negotiate the new minimum wage with labor leaders are not in good faith or in the larger interest of Kwara.

The statement read: "Reports from reliable quarters within the outgoing Kwara State Government circles suggest ongoing massive looting of public funds and properties by some unscrupulous officials.

"While the incoming administration is urged not to embark on a witch-hunt of anybody as a way of focusing on the bigger picture of developing the state, the truth is that the new government will have a duty to the electorate to ensure that nobody gets away with mindless stealing of public funds and properties.

"Also, we call on the incumbent Governor Abdulfattah Ahmed to be a statesman and avoid setting traps for the incoming administration. We have it on good record that the PDP government plans to create LCDAs and negotiate the new minimum wage, even though it really doesn't pay the current one faithfully.

"We hope this is not true because that will be in bad faith since its term expires in about two months. It will be unfair to create crisis of confidence between the new government and the people or the workers. We hope Governor Ahmed will, for once, act like a statesman that the office of Governor has bestowed upon him.

"Finally, we urge everyone to note that while the incoming administration has a burden to fix Kwara State almost from the scratch, its works can be made easier if everyone keys into this patriotic agenda, including blowing the whistle on those allegedly stealing public funds or properties."




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