Kwara polls met accepted standards- Observers

Date: 2019-03-13

Accredited Election Observers have adjudged the February 23 and March 3rd elections in Kwara state to meet with the accepted standards in line with the Electoral Laws.

They therefore urged all the candidates and political parties to accept the results as true reflection of the wishes and decisions of the electorates.

The observers added that the elections took place under a conducive and peaceful atmosphere across the entire state.

State team leader and secretary of the observers, Richard Adebayo and Olaniyan Matthew hailed the “Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) for considering it necessary to conduct the 16 local government election in the state and providing a level playing ground for all political parties.” They recommended "the government and electoral management body should engage committee of civil society groups on intensive civic voter's education, sensitization and mobilization ahead of every election. This will go a long way to ensuring voters participation in elections. "The political parties should engage in civic voter’s mobilization as proactive way of campaign. Priority should be given to the difficult terrains and hard to reach local government areas and communities in the state in terms of distribution of election materials to ensure quick and timely commencement of elections in such areas.

"Political parties should ensure a wide presence of their party agents in all the polling units for effective party representation during election."

The team also applauded the electoral umpire "for wonderful preparation in providing all needed logistics and materials on time which actually encouraged the success of the election; the security agents are hereby applauded for providing a secured and peaceful environment for the elections.




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