NASS invasion: Speaker Kwara House fears for 2019 poll

Date: 2018-08-08

AGAINST the backdrop of happenings at the National Assembly on Tuesday, Speaker, Kwara State House of Assembly, Dr Ahmad Ali, has expressed fear over the possibility of holding credible general elections in 2019.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Tuesday after the reported invasion of the National Assembly by men of the Directorate of State Security (DSS), the Speaker said that Nigerians should rise up to condemn the happening, adding that government should ensure that everyone involved in the invasion is brought to book.

He advised lawmakers opposed to the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, to mobilise a required number to facilitate his removal or wait till the Senate reconvene to test their strength.

"It's good the Acting President has risen to the occasion to clear his name. This is the time for every Nigerian to start talking about the political situation in the country in the interest of the nation's democracy.

"It is not until the nation's democracy crumbles that groups and individuals will start condemning the situation. We should stop this gradual desecration of the nation's democracy.

"I am from Kwara state. I am also the Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly and I love Bukola Saraki, the Senate President. But I will still talk if it is another person that is involved. If you want to sack Saraki go and get the number required by law or you reconvene the Senate properly. If not that, it should not be bye force.

"I have seen so many lawmakers even APC members in the National Assembly and they have condemned the disgrace and embarrassment that presented itself in the National Assembly today.

"Every Nigerian should stand up. Silence is no longer golden. We can solve these issues by ourselves. We don't need the foreign government to solve it for us. We should reject it in its entirety.

"The Acting President should take disciplinary action against everyone that had knowledge of the issue. He can use the Inspector General of Police to get to know everyone involved. This is not about Saraki. It's about the nation's democracy. The proper thing to do is to follow due process and abide by the rules.

"My fear is for 2019; will credible and fair election hold? These are questions I cannot answer too; we should not fool ourselves", he said.




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