We're monitoring explosives distribution, say Police

Date: 2018-04-16

The Explosives Ordnance Device unit of the police says it is closely monitoring the distribution of explosives devices by the producers in the country.

The Commissioner of Police EOD Command in Ikeja, Lagos, DCP Gabriel Oguntuase, said there was proper documentation of explosives sold to firms that deal in blasting of raw materials to ensure that the devices did not get to the hands of terror-minded people.

The CP, at a press conference on Friday, said anti-bomb operatives of the command had been deployed in the scene of bank robbery at Offa, Kwara State, adding that samples of the explosives used by the assailants had been taken for analysis.

He said, "From preliminary investigations, we suspect the robbers used firebombs and not IEDs which would have brought down the bank structure.

"The incidence of leakages of explosives is almost at zero level since I became the CP of this command. The few manufacturers we have in Nigeria have gone ahead to device means of tracking their products. They have data base so that if they are selling to customers in Owerri, (Imo State), they know the batch. They will also encourage their customers in Owerri on proper documentation. We are monitoring the companies and the end users."

Oguntuase stated that the command had been upgrading its equipment to tackle the dynamics of IEDs and neutralise landmines.

He said the formation worked in synergy with the military in the fight against Boko Haram members in the North-East.

He added, "I have drawn up viable work plans that I hope to pursue dexterously believing that they will yield fruitful results. These include but not limited to inculcating and improving on professionalism in the workforce, especially in the discharge of our duty nationwide and in line with international practices. The command will also work at improving chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear explosives."




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