Provost advocates introduction of educational tax to fund education

Date: 2018-04-02
An Educationist, Doctor Isiaka Saka Opobiyi has called on all state governments across the country to introduce educational tax to take care of the funding of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to save the sector from total collapse .

Doctor Opobiyi who is the outgoing Provost of the College of Education , Ilorin made the suggestion in Ilorin , the Kwara state capital while answering questions on a Radio Kwara personality interview programme , Playing Host.

The Provost observed that the education sector is dwindling due to inadequate funding and said except urgent steps are taking to source for funds to provide infrastructures and other academic projects and as well pay salaries as at when due , the situation will further degenerate .

He commended the idea of TETFUND introduced by the Federal Government which according to him , saved most tertiary institutions from collapse and called for a replica at the state levels lamenting that resources are no longer available as in the past to fund the education sector.

Doctor Opobiyi attributed incessant strikes in our tertiary institutions to anxiety , non-patience and lack of funds hence the need for government to address these issues to sustain the education sector through looking inwards to funding the education in the country.

The educationist whose tenure as provost of the college would expire on the third of May this year, said he is fulfilled as the head of the college as he was able to ensure that all the academic programmes in the institution are fully accredited except two which are given interim approval and that he was able to reduce the debts he met to manageable level.

According to him, the desired objectives of establishing the college by our past leaders had been achieved and appealed to any provost that would succeed him not to allow the dream of the past leaders not to be dashed .

Doctor Opobiyi disclosed that about fifteen people initially applied for the position of provost of the college after his tenure had expired but only thirteen appeared for the interview and screening stressing that the succession process had being completed and now awaiting the final approval by the council council of the institution and that of the state government .

He appealed to his successor to focus more of building or completing the entrepreneurship complex and the fine art complex and as well be God fearing and focused in the discharge if his duties.

The provost enjoined students to stay away from partisan and active politics most especially while on campuses but rather focus more on their academic work and do not allow politics of inducement from either staff or politician to affect their careers.



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