?Rabble rousers seeking Senator Ibrahim's recall, says Kwara lawmaker

Date: 2018-01-11

A member representing Oke-Ogun Constituency in the Kwara State House of Assembly, Barrister Kamal Fagbemi, yesterday faulted the recall process initiated against Senator? Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, describing the proponents as 'mere rabble rousers'.

He alleged that those behind the agitation were acting script of their masters, who were aggrieved with the quality representation and unprecedented performance of the member of the upper chamber of the National Assembly.

Ibrahim represents Kwara South Senatorial District and chairs Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Institutions.

In an interview with Journalists in Ilorin yesterday, Fagbemi said the masterminds of the recall process failed in their attempts to incite people against Senator Ibrahim because his being in the Senate brought uncommon developmental projects to the people.

The lawmaker, who chairs the House Committee on Judiciary, Privileges and Anti-Corruption in the state Assembly, said those behind the recall would not succeed in the plots, declaring that the people of Kwara South were happy with the National Assembly's member performance.

Fagbemi noted that the legislator inaugurated new impact projects in various communities in his Senatorial District, which he was part of, pointing out that those against him were only envious of representational revolution, which Senator Ibrahim champions in the history of the Senatorial District.

He said the legislator has not disappointed his constituents with his performance and there was no basis for the proponents of the recall bid.

Fagbemi described as fluke and diversionary the allegations that the Senator was taking directive from an external body and non-performance, urging the people of Kwara South not to be disturbed by the antics of the agitators.

"It went viral recently that some people sought the recall of Senator Rafiu Ibrahim on the ground that he acted on external directive and lack of good representation among others, and what struck my mind immediately is that these people are mere rabble rousers.

"From all indications, they are acting script of some individuals. But we are watching them. There is no cause for alarm. The proponents are only wasting their time because what the Senator had done in the last two and half years of his representation in the National Assembly, remained unprecedented in the history of Kwara South.

"You know when you are making good showing, certainly, some people would be aggrieved and disgruntled that you are performing far beyond their imagination and expectation. But they failed to realise that this is the era of representational revolution, which the National Assembly member has given to the constituents.

"Just few days ago, the Senator went to different communities in his senatorial district to commission impact projects. As a man, who believes in giving back to the people that entrusted him with their mandate, ?he saw the need to provide basic amenities such as water electricity and water to the people. With his projects, many communities have been connected to the National Grid while others are also provided water to drink, and I was part of the commissioning ceremonies.

"What I have seen so far in this plot called recall is that these people are not happy along with their masters and they are looking for way to nail Senator Rafiu Ibrahim but they have failed. Records are there for them to see that the man in question is performing well. Like I said, his performance is unprecedented in the history of Kwara South and we thank God he has not deviated. I will urge him to keep up the good work", Fagbemi said.



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