Constitutional Amendment: Kwara Assembly passes Not Too Young To Run Bill and 10 Other...Holds Public Hearing on 4 others

Date: 2017-12-14

The Kwara State House of Assembly has passed Eleven Constitutional Bills, including Not Too Young to Run Bill, transmitted to it by the National Assembly in the on going Constitutional Amendment.

The Legislature, however, deferred passage of the remaining 4 Bills,untill a public hearings are conducted by the House to ensure Stakeholders' inputs to ensure enduring and practicable laws.

The passage followed the resumed sitting of the State lawmakers in its Wednesday's session at the floor of the House.

The Bills passed by the legislature were Financial Autonomy for the State Legislature, Legislative lmmunity for things said on the floor during plenary, Power of the Independent National Electrical Commission (INEC) to conduct bye- Election ,and Critical Amendment to facilitate fast dispensation of cases at the Supreme Court of Nigeria and other Courts.

Other Bills also passed by the House, were Single Tenure for a Person who concludes another Person's Tenure in the office as President or Governor, as it happenned in the case of former President Goodluck Jonathan, as well as Change of name of Nigerian Police, without the word "Force".

The House equally passed Preview of Election Matters, President Assent, Limitation of the Time to Present Budget of the Federation and States to ensure early passage of Appropriation bill, into law for early implementation.

However, the legislature deferred its final decision on Abrogation of State Joint Local Government (JAAC) Account, Autonomy for Local Government, Independent Candidature and Establishment of the National Security and Civil Defense Corps Bills, to give more opportunity to stakeholders and members of the public to gauge their inputs and address their concerns.

It would be recalled that the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), had during its peaceful rallies across the country, expressed concern, saying that the future of Basic education in the country, would be in jeopardy in the hands of Local Government Councils.

In his remarks after the passage of the Bills, the Speaker, Dr Ali Ahmad thanked members for working tirelessly and reflecting the views of majority of the people of Kwara state on various national and constitutional issues.

The Speaker then urged the National Assembly, to expedite action in forwarding other Bills in the Constitutional Amendment, especially on Devolution of Power,to the State Houses of Assembly their inputs.



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