Date: 2017-09-20

The attention of the NAKSS National Headquarters has been drawn to a circulated media rumour alleging payment of Four thousand naira to the students. We must categorically say that the national headquarter makes sure that the cheque of all individuals were prepared before the commencement at all in which five thousand was prepared for all beneficiaries with their various individual's name. So, it was outrageous that some mischievous individuals who are bent in making sure that nothing good come out of His Excellency administration are trying all their best to rubbish the exercise.

We must categorically stated that the national dues of five hundred naira is been charged before the collection to makes the beneficiaries financial members of our union. This is inline with our long stand tradition and anyone with the receipt of payment before now will not be charged and another five hundred for local administrator.

It must be noted that Unilorin is not the first institution to be benefitted and nothing of such has ever been raised. Why are they coming by now when the political tense of local government election is near. We urge every individuals not to lure student's structure to their personal politicking and politics. The exercise is ongoing and nobody will leave the institution until every beneficiaries collected as it has been done in other institutions.

We hereby thanks the management of Unilorin, the students Union, Nakss local chapter and the generality of stakeholders of the school for displaying highest level of maturity while we urge other beneficiaries to put up necessary documents for their collection.

On a final note, we sincerely appreciate the executive Governor of our noble state for keeping his promise. Sure our daddy like no other words can be taken to bank. While we equally pledge our utmost loyalty to your administration comes rain or sun.

God bless Nakss

God bless Kwara

God bless Nigeria

Dosunmu Kamal Ashola

Nakss National A.g President.

Yusuf Muhammad O

Director General

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