Ajikobi Chieftaincy Tussle: Court Rules In Favour Of Nageri Lineage

Date: 2016-08-02

An Ilorin High Court has affirmed that the descendants of the late Aliyu Usman of Ajikobi compound, Ilorin, are entitled to all rights, privileges and entitlements including the right to aspire or be nominated the Daudu Ipaye and Balogun Ajikobi whenever the stools become vacant. Balogun Ajikobi is one of the four high chiefs of Ilorin Emirate.

Justice I.B Garba gave the ruling in a suit instituted by Mallam Garba Nageri Ajikobi and Mallam Alfanla Ajikobi on behalf of Aliyu lineage and Balogun Ajikobi of Ilorin against Alhaji Issa Jimoh Ajikobi.

Justice Garba ruled that the defendant cannot exclude or refuse to consider or forward the names of the descendants of the late Aliyu Usman, one of the children of the first Balogun Ajikobi in the nomination process of any vacant stool of District Head of Ipaye or Balogun Ajikobi of Ilorin to the Emir of Ilorin whenever the said stool is vacant.

In the judgment dated July 28, 2016, Justice Garba held that: "I agree with the claimants that the defendant cannot resile from that position which represents the truth that the claimants’ Aliyu lineage forms part of Balogun Ajikobi dynasty. To say anything to the contrary will amount to an afterthought meant only to cover the true position as it were.


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