Olomu of Omupo, indigenes want Kwara govt patronage

Date: 2012-06-18

The traditional ruler of Omupo, a town in Ifelodun local government area of Kwara state, Oba Yaqub  Adebayo Buhari, and prominent indigenes of the ancient town have appealed to the Kwara state government to come to their aid in resuscitating some of  its infrastructure facilities built by the community that are decaying because of  lack of funds to  maintain them.

The Olomu, who made the appeal at the weekend during the Omupo Day celebration, noted that facilities on medicare, education, water supply feeder, roads, town hall which were built by the communities are  declining.

"With this state of infrastructure and facilities, I am sure you will agree with me that as the population of this town continues to grow, the existing infrastructure and facilities have become acutely inadequate to support the well-being of the people. They, therefore, either need to be replaced or augmented.

"Furthermore, we note that no community develops by the efforts of its own people alone; the influx of non-indigenes for commerce and other social and economic activities are known to drive other development indices".

The Chairman of Omupo day Planning Committee, Professor Raphael D. Olarinoye, also   in his address,  urged state government to come to the rescue of the community in  the area of health, education stressing that the facilities at the cottage hospital, a primary health centre was nothing to write home about.

He noted that there was no drug at the center while the classrooms of the two primary schools in the town were neglected, making learning difficult for the pupils.


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