OPINION: Return of Ile-Arugbo by Mutiu Olagunju

Date: 2020-08-07

Some months ago, the state was thrown into turmoil. The Kwara State Government reclaimed a piece of land reportedly belonging to the Asa Investment, a company owned by the late Dr Olusola Saraki (alias Baba Saraki) for being illegally and unlawfully acquired. Instead of eating the humble pie, his children and allied forces took to the media to smear Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for taking back what belongs to the state from them. The return has come.

The campaign of calumny was legendary. No names in the dictionary that he was not called. Senator Bukola Saraki in his treatise even said that the governor 'crossed the line.' Eight months down the line, Kwarans are getting to know who is a habitual liar and an unrestrained breaker of every moral sanctity if the latest court judgement is for the take.

The Kwara State High Court earlier today lifted the interim injunction restraining the state government from the repossession of the Ile- Arugbo land following the repeated failure of counsel to the Sarakis to appear before the court to fully prosecute the case.

The land which is purportedly owned by the late Dr Olusola Saraki became a legal subject when his children took the Kwara State Government to court after it was reclaimed. The government has always argued that it was unlawfully taken over by the firm without any right of occupancy or payment to the owner, the state government, and made no pretence of it.

Sadly, the governor became a subject of a coordinated attack. They unleashed the media and even attempted to rouse the public against him to cover their unholy tracks. Sadly, that was the culture in the Kwara of yesterday. The good thing is all the acts of impunity and crass greed for properties are well documented. It is no coincidence that the truth is finally coming to light: we had such a legion of looters as leaders who are still unrepentant about it!

If they were, they wouldn't have taken the government to court for a doomed cause. It is evident how they have been absent from court sessions that they brought lies to the market in daylight, only the blind one would buy it. For the umpteenth time, they couldn't provide evidence to their claims and shame wouldn't let them show up. When the Hon Justice Abiodun Adewara could no longer stomach their hanky panky, the Court lifted the injunction on Ile Arugbo and awarded penalties against Asa investment. It is a very fair judgement.

Our courts must be fair and resolute in the face of impunity. I hope the Sarakis grow courage and show up in court on the 23rd and 24th of September to put faces to the highest hoax ever. Perhaps they would do better than their actor counsel, Akin Onigbinde (SAN), who has acted all the scenes in the world to buy time for this funny case. I am particularly concerned at this point he may be racing to a medal as the most dramatic counsel. Hat off.

This legal gymnastics reinforces my belief that no one, no matter how strong and brilliant, fights against the truth and wins. Whereas the Sarakis felt they had all the money and power to deny Kwarans what originally belongs to us, the reality is making a punk of the stone-hearted pen robbers. The Lord, verily, never takes the side of the oppressors.

This time his band of unexposed and spineless propagandists would better be busy finding the one who 'kolobi-ed' the sum of 250k for Sallah than inundating Kwarans with another of their lies from the pit of hell. They are up against the truth and can never win with lies!



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