Gender inclusiveness: WEFON hails Kwara, Ogun governors

Date: 2019-11-08

WOMEN for Equity and Fairness Organization of Nigeria (WEFON), has commended Governors Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq and Prince Dapo Abiodun of Kwara and Ogun States respectively for increasing the number of women in their cabinets.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, the National Coordinator of the non-profit and non-political organization, Dr Abimbola Ajayi-Ojora said that since women make up half of humanity, without their inclusion in politics and governance, national development would be difficult to achieve.

According to her, public decision making requires the perspectives and values of men and women for the most effective outcomes.

"WEFON celebrates his Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, on his pronouncement, to increase the number of women in his cabinet to between 40 to 50 per cent, in the same vein; we also commend Governor Abdulraham Abdulrasaq of Kwara State for nominating nine women as members of his proposed sixteen-team' cabinet

These governors have gone beyond rhetoric's to demonstrate their belief in gender inclusiveness and confidence in the capacity of women to deliver good governance".

She said that Ogun State, for instance, was endowed with women who are accomplished, adding that WEFON believes strongly that the governor would select from these women across political divides to further, propel the state towards the achievement of its dreams, and join the global community in advancing equity and equality for all, thereby moving humanity forward.

According to her, WEFON provides a dynamic platform which brings together women in politics and civil service activists to mentor female youth, enlighten the public on women issues, galvanize financial and technical support to empower women towards gender equity in politics and public decision making bodies and processes.




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