Alabi Tasks Women on Nation Building

Date: 2019-10-05

The Kwara State Government has tasked women to play greater and positive role in shaping the Nation.

The State Deputy Governor, Mr Kayode Alabi gave the charge on Friday during a courtesy call by the State Chapter of the National Council For Women Societies in his office.

Mr Alabi called on women to use their strength well to enjoy what they deserve.

The Deputy Governor hence implored the women to use their strength during elections to vote in the right people to power so that their children would not be denied their rights to quality education and other necessary things.

He assured them to expect more from the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led administration as this government would run an inclusive government at the same time support the women appointed into power for the progress of all.

He said the government will do the needful in all ramifications to make life meaningful for everyone as women are an integral part of the society adding that when involved in the action and given assignment, they deliver.

The Deputy Governor noted that women could be entrusted with anything and praised them for their doggedness and perseverance.

Mr Alabi described women as role model calling on them to participate actively in the immunisation exercise by mobilising people.

Earlier in her speech, the President, National Council for Women Societies (NCWS) Kwara Chapter, Hajia Barakat Atunse appreciated the achievements of the administration within the limited time in office.

Hajia Atunse noted further that NCWS would support government policies that would promote women and appreciated the government's nomination of women into his cabinet.



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