Adedoyin, Kwara Accord Party Governorship Candidate, Set To Unveil Policy Document

Date: 2018-12-12

Accord Party Governorship Candidate in Kwara State, Ayorinde Adedoyin, is set to unveil a policy document that will guide him to transform the political economy of the state if elected.

Accord Party Governorship Candidate in Kwara State, Ayorinde Adedoyin, is set to unveil a policy document that will guide him to transform the political economy of the state if elected.

Adedoyin, who said the time has come for the state to be rebuilt after many years of stunted growth, noted that about 20 years of democratic governance in Nigeria, the state has not brought the much needed socio-economic transformation to its people.

The Accord Party candidate decried the level of poverty among the people of Kwara State, whom he said have been victims of maladministration and bad leadership.

He revealed that his policy document has been designed to respond to critical sectors of the state economy for government intervention.

The critical focus of the Accord Party policy interventions, which will be unveiled to the public ahead of the formal inauguration of statewide campaign of the party, will be on Human Capital, Industrialisation, Agriculture and Energising Small Businesses.

Under the human capital, the Accord Party government, when elected in Kwara State, will focus on revamping the educational sector with more emphasis on the revitalization of public schools from primary education to tertiary level.

Infrastructure, especially school buildings, that have become broken down will be fixed with a target to fix at least 100 public schools in a year.

Adedoyin said: "We have moved round Kwara and what we saw will make anyone cry for the future of this state and our country. The condition under which our children especially the children of the poor who canít afford private schools is very horrible. More than 60 per cent of public primary and secondary schools in Kwara have very poor school buildings. Some with blown off roof, some without furniture and the students and pupils sit on bare floor.

"Teachers are not motivated to give quality teaching because of poor welfare especially delay in salaries and allowances. The schools in rural areas are worst hit as many of them are without teachers. Our programme on education is designed to address this situation. The children of the poor must have opportunities to excel in life."

On healthcare, Adedoyin pointed out that primary healthcare in Kwara is very abysmal, adding that outside the urban centres of Ilorin, Offa and Omu-Aran, the people in remote parts of the state struggle to access basic health services.

He said: "Our people are dying of ailments that should not kill them. Our plan on health is focused primarily on how to make healthcare accessible to Kwarans regardless of social and economic status. Lack of access to clean drinking water has increased rate of sickness among our people. Our primary health care centres at community levels will be activated to attend to healthcare need of the people. We will improve on maternal healthcare to reduce pregnant women dying in the state." On industrilisation, Adedoyin said agriculture will drive his agenda to establish industries that will employ thousands of Kwara young people who need good paying job after higher education.

He said: "We have already identified foreign partners that will invest in agricultural sector in Kwara State. We will focus on animal husbandry, poultry and few cash crops such as cashew, maize where Kwara has comparative advantage. Part of the plan on industrialisation is how to work with former owners and families that had some of the moribund industries in Kwara State. Some of the factories are still there. We will see how government can partner with the owners and families to revive some of them."




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