Sarakiís Persecutors Should Await Godís Judgment

Date: 2018-07-07

The Supreme Court today affirmed what Kwarans have always contended that the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, CON is completely innocent of all the charges and slanders that the Buhari Administration has been slamming on him since 2015. We thank the judiciary for withstanding all pressures and standing by the truth and the weak. Because he is innocent, the trial court, Court of Appeal and now the Supreme Court have discharged and acquitted him. Saraki is probably the first politician in the world that is vilified the most by his own political party. We were led to believe that Saraki was going through a fair, run-of-the-mill trial superintended by people with integrity. It was a hoax. Valuable man hour and stupendous amount of public funds were wasted on what the Supreme Court referred to as a "forensic somersault". During the similar case of FRN V. Tinubu, the then Jonathan Administration never appealed the acquittal of the defendant, despite the fact that he was in an opposition political party. Also, the fact that the courts threw out the charges against Saraki unanimously based only on his no-case submission and before he opened his defence shows that the trial was done in bad faith.

Being an administration that constantly employs the criminal justice system to fight political battles, we will not be naÔve to believe that the success at the Supreme Court will end all persecution, blackmail and intimidation of the Senate President by people who desperately want only one thing: to exterminate his political career for no just cause. But Allah that has stood by his side will continue to do so all the way, believing in the Holy Quran that "Every time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it". And to them, as a persecuted Northerner will retort, "Allah ya isa".



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