Count me out of 2019 campaigns - Ajape

Date: 2017-04-10

Special Adviser on Political Matters to Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, Alhaji Usman Bibire Ajape has dissociated himself from the political campaigns about 2019 elections in the state.

Speaking with Pilot Politics over the issue that has attracted reactions from politicians in the state, the governor's aides said he's not interested in the governorship contest in 2019, adding that the party structure in the state decides who gets what and not individual.

Besides, Ajape said the Governor, who is doing "wonderfully well" should be allowed to concentrate on the laudable projects going on across the state.

His words: I donít have any interest about governorship in 2019, we are still in 2017 and election is slated for February 2019. We should allow the governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed to continue his wonderful works across the state. I go to Abuja always and pass through Kogi, the roads are bad. The issue of contest for governorship should be stepped down for now.

"We have a structure in the state that has been tested and trusted in producing the right leadership for the state. We should follow the system. If the structure finds me suitable for it, I will gracefully accept but I am not prepared or interested in the governorship of 2019. I don't know who is behind such reports linking me with it, but I have not told anybody that I am interested in the race come 2019 whether in private or in the open.

"All the posts I have occupied from the Special Assistant on Poverty Alleviation, Vice chairman Kwara United Board, chairman and later as elected chairman of Ilorin East, Special Adviser Transport and Utility, Special Adviser Political among others were not gotten through advertisement but through the structure in place in the state. I am still very loyal and will always wait for the system to decide for me. We should all follow that system we have been using that chosed the Governor, assembly members, senators and representatives.

He assured that all the ongoing projects presently being embarked upon by the governor will be completed because "the state is using a perfect payment system with the IF-K model. The contractors are paid every quarter and I can assure that there wonít be any abandoned projects in Kwara state.




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