KWSG to up-grade KFA

Date: 2012-03-30

The Kwara State government I has approved the I upgradement of Kwara Football Academy into a full fledge secondary school.

Governor AbdulFatah Ahmed announced this while receiving players and officials of the Academy who won the 14th edition of the NNPC, Shell Cup among secondary schools in the country at the government house on Wednesday.

The governor noted that by this feat, the Academy has succeeded in marketing itself to the outside world.

He assured that the government will give the Academy all the necessary support to make it a fist class and internationally acclaimed institution.

The essence of the Academy he explained is to create environment for the youth to develop their talents and to become future leaders.

While commending the players, the Governor pointed out that Kwara is first in sports and will always strive to be first.

He assured them of the government's continuous support so that they will continue to exc -M in their activities and make it self sustaining one.

The governor then made a donation of Nimillion to the victorious players.

Earlier, the Administrative Director of the Academy Kunbi Titiloye requested the government to upgrade the Academy to a full fledge secondary school.

He hinted that this is first time the Academy will take part in the tournament and the first Kwara representative to win the cup.

His players whom he said were the youngest at the tournament- will represent Nigeria at a Youth tournament in the United Kingdom in July this year.

Each player of the team who played in thef inal bagged NSO.OOO each while the team bagged N2million as cash prize, he disclosed.

Kumbi thTnked the state government for providing fund for up keep of the Academy and other logistics assistance.

He also thanked the ministry of education for the vital role they played in the course of the tournament.

By The Herald

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