Protesters shut down Kwara local govt secretariat

Date: 2017-06-14
Some irate youth on Tuesday disrupted activities at the secretariat of Baruten Local Government Council of Kwara State over the composition of its new Transitional Implementation Committee (TIC).

The youth, who were mainly from Kosubosu, the council's headquarters, had marched to the secretariat and chased away workers before locking up offices.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the youth also lit a bonfire on the express way leading to the border with Benin Republic.

The youth were dissatisfied with the reported substitution of one Umar Galadima who was in May appointed as a member of the TIC.

Mr. Galadima, a former revenue officer in the council, hails from Kosubosu. NAN also reports that the youth displayed placards with various inscriptions such as "Baruten will not know peace without Galadima," "No to marginalisation of Kosubosu community," and "Reinstate Galadima for peace in Baruten."

Although the youth refused to address journalists, one of them, however, told NAN that reports filtering into the community indicated that Mr. Galadima’s name had been substituted.

He said the youth were angry as this was the first time an indigene of Kosubosu would be appointed a TIC member.

But the Chairman of the TIC, Danjuma Sabi, condemned the action of the youth, saying they were only reacting to rumours.

As far as I am concerned, there has not been any official announcement that Galadima has been changed.

"The youth are only acting on rumours as there had not been any announcement that Galadima's name has been substituted," he said.

Mr. Sabi warned the youth against disruptions that could cause setback to the area in its quest for development. He urged the youth to always explore dialogue in conflict resolution rather than resort to violence.


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